Coffee That's Musical

We make great coffee to inspire greatness in us all.

Every bag of INRGI Coffee makes an impact by supporting causes around the world. Whether it is delivering food to the homeless, providing educational resources, creating an arts program in the inner-city, or offering life-skills classes, INRGI Coffee is designed to connect people of all ages with opportunities that offer solutions for immediate needs....beginning with a conversation and a cup of inspiration.  

Coffee That's Life-Changing

It’s not just a transaction. You're part of a community that invests in local communities as well as villages in other countries to provide living wages, education, healthcare, and clean water, while celebrating the craft of specialty coffee.  Your daily choice of coffee will be life changing. A portion of every dollar spent will connect people with opportunities that makes a difference.

You are invited to join the community of Little Voices of Change International - Kenya


About Us

INRGI - noun: (energy | in-ner-jee). a magical vitality and next level power required for sustained physical and mental existence; an interpersonal, non-physical force within to accomplish The INRGI Coffee Company offers luxurious, yet creative coffee blends that integrate seamlessly into everyday life. With an appetite to build a brand where quality and luxury are not sacrificed, Chicago-native couple and creative entrepreneurs, Herman & Shine Little wanted to offer a new African - Inspired expression of coffee that can both define its historical and commercial expectations as well as it global creative present realities.

Details are what distinguishes a cup of coffee, but nature is what connects every single person to every bean. Just like the days of old, magical journeys of life can be explored by offering each customer a unique, perfectly complex cup of coffee. INRGI Coffee Company proudly delivers "inspiration" in a cup.


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Rewards Program

We think of our coffee as a catalyst for change. Because our coffee brings together a collective of people with a selfless desire to do good and that naturally creates a domino effect of change that will nourish the future for generations to come.

Share coffee, create "INRGI" and give hope. Become an INRGI Partner today!



Heaven in a cup..


I couldn't imagine a day without this coffee


Creatively Complex Coffee

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